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Cries in the Night - Now Available

Carly and Austin Tabor relocated from the Mile High City of Denver to the Low Country of Charleston, purchasing a diamond-in-the-rough home on historic King Street. As soon as the couple takes possession of their home, unexplained noises and a trio of spirits lead Carly to seek the help of sensitive, Delaney Warrick, to understand why the ghosts are unable to find rest. Searching through the historical records of the city, Delaney learns the ghosts are the original owners, Andrew and Celeste Pettigrew, who were murdered in Carly's front parlor two hundred years prior. Carly and Delaney must solve the mystery of why the couple's home is also being haunted by the surly dock worker, Benjamin Hastings. Carly and Delaney enlist the help of paranormal investigators to find out why the ghosts won't leave the scene of their murders, and find that a fourth spirit, orphan Freddy Richards, was hiding in the house when the murders took place. Is Freddie the final piece to the puzzle? Will Carly and Delaney unlock the secrets that will free the spirits to find peace?

Published 2015

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Cordelia Barlow spent the first ten years of her life on a sprawling sunlit Southern plantation, blissfully unaware of both the evils of slavery and her family's sinister secrets. Only the unconditional love of her beloved servant, Mammy Cilia, could prepare her for the painful truth and the difficulties that lie ahead.

Published 2013

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Lost Letters: A Civil War Love Story

Ellie Morgan, a history teacher from the Midwest, never expected her summer vacation away from the classroom to include inheriting a plantation full of antiques, and encountering the restless spirit of a Civil War soldier who is searching for a lost love.

Published 2012

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